Kigali Serena Hotel shares Christmas lunch with children from Mageragere Early Childhood Development

By: Hope Magazine
Published on: 2018-12-24
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Kigali Serena Hotel has shared Christmas lunch with 137 children from Mageragere Early Childhood Development (ECD) located in Nyarurenzi cell, Mageragere sector of Nyarugenge district.

Before sharing the lunch, Serena management challenged children to gauge their awareness on Christmas offering presents to each respondent.

Serena Hotel staff also joined Father Christmas to distribute cookies to children and other Christmas gifts including toys, bonnets and many more.

Pascasie Muhoza, the coordinator of Mageragere ECD said that happiness filled hearts of the center’s management, children and their parents who were very astonished when they heard the good news to enjoy lunch and have fun at renowned Kigali Serena Hotel.

“Everyone was excited for the support. The gesture replicates that Kigali Serena Hotel attaches great importance to the welfare of Rwanda’s children. We couldn’t believe that a child from a remote location of Mageragere can have chance to enjoy lunch and celebrate Christmas at Serena but it has been possible,” she said.  

“This has left unforgettable memories to children and their parents who also accompanied children to buses filled with joy. It looked like children are flying overseas,” observed Muhoza.  

Mageragere ECD started in 2015 and has the capacity of accommodating approximately120 children.

The center improves child’s literacy, social and emotional development through songs, tales and different genres of entertainment.  

“Located in a remote area, Mageragere ECD accommodates children from the first and second Ubudehe category. It takes care of children left by parents going to work. We make sure children are neat, feed them properly and ensure they are all immunized,” noted Muhoza.

Kigali Serena takes part in a wide range of corporate social responsibilities and organizes special events to celebrate with disadvantaged people. One of previous similar events is the celebration of Christmas with children from Hagari Rwanda ministry, an organization taking care of children of former female sex workers.




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